When we (my partner and me) first moved out our families gave us kitchen ware, furniture, linen. Mum stocked our pantry and freezer. After our first house we moved to a place across town just for a change, after 8 months my partners boss offered to let us lease their house when they moved to Perth. It was in a terrible area but a really, really nice house, so we took them up on the offer. The partner lost all his hours at work, we got behind in rent and we were evicted. As a result we went to stay with my brother and our kids and the partner went to his parents until we found another place. That took about 3 weeks, but by this time our relationship was falling apart. We moved into the new place, my partners work still wasn’t good and I was trying to pay everything on my pension (which we were scamming to get by claiming I was a single parent (almost true)). I couldn’t keep up though and we were evicted again. Our friends had a one bedroom place that they let us share for 4 months until we found a place. It was beautiful, on a farm and the kids loved it, but my relationship with my partner ws on the rocks so it didn’t last long. That’s when I left, took the kids and moved to Queensland. It’s a share house and everyone here gets along really well, it’s working for now but I don’t want to have to share forever, but it’s so expensive up here. Once I get ahead I’m going to get my own place.

Hope, 23, Queensland-Australia

I was living with my partner (now ex) when we moved into a house that was so foul and unclean that it took me a few days to clean. We complained and managed to get a few weeks rent (Yay!) Welcome Home: If the house you move into is filthy when you move in- Always complain and negotiate a fee (or Rent Free time) for your efforts. We had a good friend pass away and my partner started interstate truck driving, so I was lonely and upset for some time about my friend- I pretty much lived on my own except for seeing my partner for one or two days a week. I was bored, alone and just couldn’t cope. I ended up shifting back home and breaking up with the boyfriend, happy ending in my books. One funny story to come out of it though; I remember one time I was cleaning the shower and got zapped off the metal taps. I thought it was electricity so I instantly called up the electrician thinking something was really wrong (water+electricity= not good!) The electrician came around and did a tonne of tests, it turned out that the synthetic pants I was wearing caused me to get a static electric shock! How stupid did I feel!

Katherine, 21, Victoria

I met a guy, moved out two weeks later. Friends told me to be wary of him, but I gave the typical response of  “but you don’t know him like I do”. We had financial troubles from day one – he wasnt working and I was a full time student and working in between, we slept on a matress and had virtually no furniture, but we were independent and happy.
It was only a matter of time before he became verbally and emotionally abusive, even admitting he used me for my references to get a house and now wanted me to move out.
I had bought a whole house-full of furniture – everything in there was mine. He demanded half of everything as we had lived together, despite him not having paid a cent.
I went to the real estate agency on Wednesday to sign everything over to him so that I wasnt financially tied to the rental house, with the plan of moving out Thursday afternoon once I finished work.
Wednesday night he snapped – and beat me. He then phoned the police and said I had slapped him.
Because I had signed the house over to him, it was now his, so I was asked to leave at 3am. I felt I had nowhere to go. It was mortifying and embarrassing to go home to my parents and tell them they were right. But they never once said I told you so, even though they had warned me multiple times. Then I moved overseas to Canada. Welcome Home: Always, always date for at least two months prior to moving in with someone. You need time to discover who that individual really is. Flippantly making the decision to move in with a partner can end up devastating your life.
Anonymous (Name requested to be witheld)


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