Not who you want to live near....

Yes, my homies, you can pick the wrong “hood”.

Picking the right area is intrinsic to living happily and comfortably in your home. Being aware of a year long lease is important before you move into an area. Don’t think you can just escape at the first sign of trouble- you can’t. Not without heavy cost or a really wonderful and understanding real estate agent (Author note: It is my understanding that these do not exist). If you leave before lease end you will incur some if not all of the following:

  • Lease break fee- Around 120-150 dollars, with GST.
  • Rent charged until a new tenant is found (This will hit you the worst). Think about it, if your rent per month is 1200 dollars, and your land lord takes 2 months to find someone, you will be hit with a whopping 2400 dollar fee.
  • Advertising costs, approximately from about 12o dollars.

It really does pay to check out your rental property. Do not be shy about going to have a chat with the neighbours and see what they think of the area. The real estate has a vested interest in promoting the property to you. The neighbours could not care less whether or not you have a bad opinion about the area. They just care that they are getting nice neighbours and not complete jerks.

Always investigate nearby venues, property and attractions. You might think this is excessive for a rental- but I urge you to consider the above lease break fees.

We moved into a property in the north of Melbourne, it was a beautiful house close to a bus route, with nice neighbours in the little court. There was a sporting ground nearby (initially we thought this was wonderful as we both wanted to start jogging), so we didn’t think twice about accepting. Then we realised that the oval has an alleyway that leads directly behind our house which, of course, has children, teenagers and adults (both intoxicated and not) constantly travelling behind our house. We had youths break into our garage one night, we had (in broad daylight) teenagers spray paint our car (which luckily we noticed within half an hour) and we constantly hear swearing teens and children travelling behind our house. So whilst the house is beautiful, the neighbourhood is a terrible place to live. We are now waiting for our lease to end so we can head back east.

Always investigate every option you see thoroughly. Ask questions, talk to the neighbours and check out venues. You’re well within your rights to and would be looked upon with amusement if you didn’t. Your happiness is worth more than a disgruntled real estate agent.

So, my “homies”- Learn to¬†“Get down” with asking questions about the “hood”. Otherwise you may be left wanting to “bust a cap in the ass” of your real estate agent as he throws numerous lease break fees at you for acting like a “scared little b-” You get the idea, right?