Making the Right Decisions

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Making the right decisions is intrinsic in your ability to enjoy the life style you’re trying to set up for yourself. One wrong choice can leave you in a lot of pain for days, weeks or even years in a worst case scenario.

Think about every decision you make that can have short and long-term consequences. Think that for every action you take, there’s a reaction, be it positive or negative.

Take for example the decision not to pay a bill. Whether you’re on your high horse and have determined you shouldn’t have to pay or you are struggling with keeping afloat. The decision not to pay a bill can have repercussions that spans years. The cost of a default is 5 years of bad credit history- That hurts. I know, I’ve done it. For the past 4 something years I’ve not been able to set up a phone account that requires a credit check, have not been able to apply for a loan- House or personal, can’t get a credit card to be utilised to improve my credit rating (Yes this can be done) and I can’t do anything -anything- at all that requires a credit check or credit history check.

Quite literally, if you have a bad credit rating- You’re buggered in terms of setting yourself up. A personal loan would of solved the majority of my current dilemmas, as well as compile all my financial issues into one manageable sum.

The choice not to pay a bill has had some massive repercussions.

This extends to area (choosing where to live), employment (choosing what job and how much salary to expect and accept), friends (drama and unneccessary stress versus level of support) and social decisions (choosing when to go out and spend, versus when to stay in and harbor the funds).

Making the right choices is everything when you don’t have a viable support network there ready to catch you when you fall.

Be careful, plan your decisions on paper, and make sure you keep all your debtors in the loop on what you intend to do.

Also, sorry on the brief hiatus. Life get’s a little hectic in the rental setting yourself up world!


Rental Nightmares “Housemate Types”

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  • The Introvert
  • The Extrovert
  • The Clean Freak
  • The Socialite
  • The Pig
  • The Sleaze
  • The Control Freak
  • The Druggie
  • The Mummy’s Boy or Daddy’s girl
  • The Sex Fiend
  • The Keeper

You’ve probably lived with one or more of the above if you have “done time” in share accommodation housing. If you’ve lived with one of the first ten out of the eleven, it most likely felt like you were doing a life sentence (even though your lease was only a year). If you lived with number 11 on the list then you are either married to that individual, or still life long friends.

Over the next few weeks we’ll cover a detailed analysis of the types; when to run, habitat habits, how to deal with them, how to get rid of them, how to learn to love them. (Please note- You could live with any variation of the type, the level of intensity differs from individual to individual!)

The Introvert

Habitat Habits: The Introvert’s habitat can vary from messy (computer equipment, study books, computer games, notes, print outs, books, chip packets etc.) to exceptionally neat and tidy- almost to the degree that the Introvert wanders into “Clean Freak” territory.

When to run: The Introvert, while sometimes odd, is a harmless creature. You most likely don’t need to plan your escape route just yet. The biggest warning sign to look for, however, is when you are cleaning up and you notice the introvert has left his/her web browser open. The web header reads “World Domination: The Beginners Guide”. Run, don’t look back, don’t pack, don’t call for help, just go.

How to deal with them: You most likely won’t have to. The Introvert loves his/her own space and will most likely remain in their room a majority of the time. They’re just shy, learn to love that you effectively have the house to yourself.

How to learn to love them: Introverts go hand in hand with Study and Computers. Accept their oddities and live happily in the knowledge that you have a Computer Error ready technician in your home. Hell yeah.

How to get rid of them: Unless your Introvert companion is the World Domination Introvert- Leave them be, they’re harmless. Otherwise a brief call to the Government might be in order! (Hushed tones, speak calmly, don’t mention explosives!)

Final note: The Introvert is one of the least annoying, least harmful types. Don’t be too judgemental, underneath the shyness they could be a great person, try to get to know them!