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This link will take you to a Blog by a friend of mine called “Cookbook”. Jess has a great vocabulary and personality in describing and explaining the delectable and delicious delights she eats at these restaurants, as well as some of the not so good points of some “fine dining” experiences.

You can trust in her honest critique of these locations, await a laugh in some of her posts and generally just learn where some great places are to head off to. She’s got a knack for good blogging. You can also find some insanely delicious sounding recipes “Cheese and Chive Scones” anyone?

Take a look!


Melbourne Bits and Pieces


This link will take you to “Melbourne Bits and Pieces”. Which is a fantastic site run by my friend and old work colleague Mariella. The site is full of information in regards to social outings, eateries, cafes and restaraunts. If you are a Melbourne resident, or even just visiting. I suggest you take a look.

This will take you to her most recent post. She’s a laugh and more fun than most. Grab a look if you have the time.