Start small. Start cheap.

Don’t expect to head off from home and enter into a decadent place with lavish furniture and beautiful decor. It’s just not going to happen. Well… unless you’re a lucky Trust Fund Baby.

In the first stages of your renting history you should search for a place that you can afford and then some. If you have a weekly income of approximately five to six hundred dollars then don’t head out and grab yourself a four hundred dollar a week place (unless you’re sharing the cost). My general rule is approximately 25-35% of my weekly income should be allocated to rent.

If you are ever spending more than 50% of your weekly income on rent, you’re doing something terribly wrong.

Also, stick with the basics. When you move out initially you need the essentials not gorgeous designer furniture. The major basics include:

  • Fridge
  • Bed
  • Washing Machine (Unless there’s laundry facilities-but this can get expensive quickly)
  • Clothes Horse (Clothes Hanger) if you have a yard with a washing line then this is obsolete
  • One couch
  • A table (four seater minimum) with at least two chairs
  • A cupboard or tall boy for your clothes
  • TV/Computer with TV connectivity

This isn’t including your small necessities but you should have at least the above before you move out, even then you can knock items from the list. If you can’t afford a table, eat on your couch (just be careful), if you can’t afford a washing machine, use a laundromat etc. The items are listed according to importance. At a bare minimum you need a fridge, a bed, and a place to sit. You can accumulate the rest later.

If Minimalists can live with the bare minimum, you can too!