Welcome Home attempts to cater to a wide variety of audiences that are in or travelling toward the rental market in Australia. We try and source the most relevant and up to date sites and information in regards to real estate, housemates, finances, budgeting and a little extra on my, and my acquaintances, time in the rental market. Whether you are a first time home leaver or a seasoned veteran of the rental world we’re sure you can find something worth your time here.

Navigating around the site

The Home page contains links to essential websites that will cater to making your move out of home/renting experience exponentially easier. It also contains the Welcome Home blog, filled with information, hints, tips, news reports, recipes, and direction.

The links at the top of the page can take you directly to a handy list of contacts that you may need to get a hold of, a page of tools and downloads (still to come), and so on. We’re attempted to make navigation and finding information as painless as possible.

You will find a list of categories at the bottom of the page in a drop down menu, as well as a category cloud at the top right of the page.


That would be me. Matt. If you consider contributers to be authors then this list will be ever growing, as I am attempting to gather stories from every corner of Australia in regards to Rental Nightmares, Rental Humour, Rental Stories, House Buyer Stories and Housemate tales.


In a dream world, I want this site to become the Go-To for Renters and Buyers alike. I want individuals just moving out of home to have every resource necessary at their finger tips. I want the out of home experience to be a pleasent one for all involved.

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